Jaw crusher toggle plate, crusher work process, due to withstand great impact extrusion load, poor working conditions, which have been strongly wear. It is a consumable item is insured.

In normal operation, because you can not get a good lubrication between the bracket and elbow pads, that the two can not form a film. Furthermore, there is dust fall inside. So, between the bracket and elbow pads is a dry state friction and abrasive wear. This leads bracket and elbow pads wear quickly, life is very low. Therefore, to extend the life of the brackets is a very important job.

In addition, the transfer between the bracket and elbow pads big impact extrusion pressure, in the case of repeated impact extrusion, elbow pads and elbow moving amount seat recess, was extrusion expansion, when the replacement is difficult removed.

Jaw crusher toggle plate improvements:

  1. variable sliding rolling type:General swing angle brackets does not exceed 10 °, so this type of head and elbow pads for elbows scroll type, in order to achieve the change slide for scrolling, improving transmission efficiency and reduce wear and extend its life.
  2. Change elbow lubricating fluid between the head and the elbow pads:Elbow head and elbow pads wear characteristics in addition to effects of exercise, there are lubrication conditions and the impact of dust.
  3. using a reasonable head and elbow elbow pad structure:Based on the view with the slide instead of rolling, and elbow pads for easy replacement and extend the life of the elbow rest is made cylindrical, both ends of which a square to facilitate the fixing, when worn on one side can be reused for the other side, which can in turn used 4 times and prolong life. This head and elbow elbow jaw crusher crusher abroad pad structure has been used.
  4. Improved elbow pads and elbow seat mating surface shape:The mating surface shape elbow elbow pads and seat recess to trapezoidal, due to its tapered mating portion, stamping deformation even after a long period, so that the elbow elbow pads serving base recess, are also relatively easy to replace when elbow pads removed.

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