Raymond mill With the continuous development of the industry, as the main equipment of grinding powder industry, high reliability, energy saving, precision, automation is the inevitable trend of development.

Experts believe that Raymond mill will be mainly to high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automated condition monitoring and automatic control of the direction of development in the powder industry. Can use the SCR power supply, AC variable speed, centralized grease lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and condition monitoring and automatic control computer and other devices. Which require high reliability and enhanced by mechanical principles rationalization study grinding ring, wear under gland, etc., to improve the machine in continuous operation before the next bearing lubrication.

Condition monitoring and automatic control of the need to increase automation intelligent electronic control system inside the Raymond mill, automatic control of materials in and out, grinding, and quantification. The operator only needs to be in the operating room control button. Materials need to be strengthened to improve the precision grinding machine accuracy analysis.

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