Sand mechanical device has its own system configuration, using mechanical equipment Di Sand time, and can not simply just to use to use, we should first understand it, and then use it, this is more than just a mechanical device Sand Di longevity, but also for their knowledge of Di kind of sublimation, so long-term work at the forefront of technical staff for sand production line must not be unfamiliar, then you know it's Di systems constitute it? Following on from the small as we talk Di sand production line system configuration.

Sand Production System

This system is the heart of the entire device. Its job is to break all kinds of ore raw materials into the desired size of the finished product, a joint sand production line can have more than one broken machine. These mechanical properties vary Sand, stone crushing work together to complete.

feeding system

The system is each segment Sand equipment and raw materials screening machine to give as gifts, according to the crushing and screening process. Complete feed link feeder equipment or other types of feeding equipment. In the sand and gravel production line are generally used for the supply of feeder equipment is responsible for stone.

screening conveyor system

 The system is broken ore after sieving through screening machinery. Composite production line in sand and gravel, and sand and stone is the need to separate, and the need for aggregate grading after delivery to the respective venues. This procedure uses the equipment is generally linear shaker Sand or other screening devices.

Sand equipment constitute a total of three systems.

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