In the sand making equipment as long as there is a piece of equipment is not in working condition, it will affect the entire production was, then, it will need to repair, to ensure that sand production line will not produce a device which appears stagnant situation.

Talked in broken jaw crusher machine equipment maintenance knowledge in an article in this issue, but some general, only one of the crushers are described, and other devices such as Sand, etc. are not mentioned, although the maintenance of these When the device, we need to pay attention to where there is a lot in common, but there are also many differences. So, in this article, will focus on several other sand production line equipment in detail, below, take a look at where these devices need our attention.

  1. hand tools required to prepare complete, Sand fault in determining how to repair confidence to do to avoid when the parts removed, the situation appeared stuck.
  2. When using the tool release screw nut, the force should be uniform, not too fast or strong twist, twist to avoid the bad parts.
  3. When using wire cutters had no grip handle rasp, scrapers and other tools to work, the operator must be careful not to pinch your fingers.
  4. no matter which part of the Sand repair, maintenance, equipment must be at a standstill.
  5. Sand failed equipment is serviced, you have to go through the test machine, inspection, found little to prevent the equipment installed installed components or equipment still is not working properly.

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