Since the advent of the roll crusher by the majority of new and old customers love, in the old-fashioned roller crusher roller crusher Di principle under transformation, greatly reducing the shortcomings of the old Di roll crusher, then a new type of What are the performance characteristics of the roll crusher in the end it? The following summarizes it for everyone.

  1. New on the roll crusher automatic detection, safe and reliable, has been set vibrating display and alarm device, if the device adverse operation warns that Sand device stops working.
  2. the new roller crusher wear parts and low consumption, the best material impact angle crushing chamber design, less friction and wear parts, directly reduces the cost sand making equipment.
  3. The new roller crusher excellent product shape, the product was a cube, grain shape is good, with the management, the fineness modulus is adjustable; especially for artificial sand and stone shaping.
  4. The large capacity, high yield, compared to traditional sand making equipment under the same power output increased by 30% and stable.
  5. A hydraulic device, easy to maintain, hydraulic opening cover device so that the crushing cavity convenient removable component overhaul, downtime, saving time and effort.
  6. The use of a machine, flexible, unique feed crusher structure, with a variety of crushing chamber, so as to solve the problem of a machine.
  7. lubrication, auto maintenance, the German original oil lubrication station, two complementary guarantee oil pump, oil flow, automatically shut down when there is no oil pressure;.
  8. The new roller crusher is easy to install, easy to use, light weight, installation and diverse, mobile installation; installation, repair and maintenance is simple and easy to operate.

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