Sand sleeve device can be measured according to the sleeve and bearing bore and had the choice of the size of the amount of interference or intrusion method difference method.

Pressed into the normal method is to use a wild punch press-fit or press-fit. In order to reduce conflict barrier to successfully mount bushings, before the pressure is being mounted sleeve coated with a thin layer of smooth nominal oil. When fitted with a punch press, push the sleeve does not wish to progress quickly, and to keep under review the status of cooperation with the bearing sleeve hole. When fitted with a wild pressure necessary preventive protection sleeve. Sand does not have to use the hammer beating indirect sleeve should end face is a soft non-metallic pad mat on the hub, and the use of a guide shaft or the guide sleeve and the sleeve is fixed co-occur.

About thin and long sleeves, no law should adopt pushed demolished and the demolition difference method should be adopted, as can be protected from Sand sleeve.

After the sleeve pressed into the bearing hole, because of interference cooperation, diameter sleeve will be reduced, and thus are not loaded sleeve prior journal, journal and the bearing sleeve responses cooperation propriety stop measuring.

Contact with the coloring method pebble crusher review journal and bushing, should pay attention to all machine axes are fitted. Lead layer is coated on the journal red lead oil, then the shaft inside the shaft lining are the positive and negative positions of the revolution, are wonderful spots higher shaft lining central occurs, scrape off the stain with a scraper. When scraping, scraping every once again scraping position should be changed, continue scraping several times to spread the stain is on Sand pebbles scattered bushes symmetry, until the contact and the contact points must match the request so far.

Secondary role is to maintain a solid top clearance of conflict, in order to facilitate composing film. Minor side effects gap is to smooth the oil accumulation and icing. Being at the open side of the gap with oil groove or icing, icing can increase the effectiveness of oil and to guarantee a smooth succession of the oil sucked by the load bearing Sand all, but no oil groove conservative, or runtime will leak.

Axial clearance is the role of a self-expanding scope while the axis is a measure of change.

Top gap may be intended resolution, but also on the basis of experience resolution. About adoption smooth sliding bearing bright thief, the tip clearance 0.10% 0.15% journal diameter; bearing grease on the smooth adoption smooth tip clearance 0.15% -0.20% pebbles Sand journal diameter.

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