Milling machine operation procedures are as follows

Start the mill before, should check all maintenance doors are closed tight steering adjust fan and host, exhaust valve should be in the fully open position. The starting order is the first analysis of machine start, restart the fan, and then start the host, the host should immediately after starting, charging (you should add a small grain, coupled with the normal sizes) and then open the large air flow valve, inlet in the guarantee under the premise of not outward spraying should try to close small exhaust valve. After adjusting the fineness of finished products. With a broken jaw and hoist series before starting jaw plate gap check crusher is in line with the feed particle size analysis, adjust the machine speed should approximate finished product size requirements. Finally, according to the following boot.

  1. open the bucket hoist;
  2. on the jaw crusher;
  3. to have the material hopper, start the analysis machine;
  4. start the blower (empty load starting, until the normal operation after loading);
  5. start the machine, the host immediately launched the start moment of electromagnetic vibration feeder. At this time the mill work is begun. The use of sequential simple expressed as follows: "start" hoist - crusher - analysis machine fan - Host - feeder.

Stop should be in the following order off the machine:

  1. turn off the feeder stop feeding;
  2. about a minute after the cessation of the host;
  3. blowing the net residual materials after the cessation of blower;
  4. finally closing analysis machine. The shutdown sequence is: feeder - Host - blower analysis machine. Note: hoist transport materials to hopper after a certain amount of, first stop the crusher and then cease to ascend, this should be the storage volume and the change of.
  5. he flour mill in normal working hours must not be oiled, to ensure production safety, milling machine in any part of the occurrence of abnormal noises, or load suddenly increases should immediately stop check, troubleshooting, so as to avoid the occurrence of major accidents. Continue to boot must be removed or mill more than expected, when starting current is too large, affecting the start.

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