The ball mill in the restructuring process, due to the limit of time and condition, coupled with the lack of experience, the results are installed on the machine body group, there are around central axis slightly distorted phenomenon.

Because we use a riveting on vertebral link, so because the wind pressure is insufficient, resulting in a part of the rivet quality does not meet the requirements. In the design to take into account the increase of less than the length of the shaft, the result makes the gear seat too close to not on the screw is not convenient.

The ball mill work problems

The ball mill after the reform, still used the motor change before, because prevents the over load, so the change after the ball mill speed from 27.5 rpm to 23.5 rpm, change. But experience has shown that, before the reform of 23.5 rpm increases by 27.5 turn, can increase the output of 10 tons per hour.

Because the mill productivity increased by 40%, and with the ball mill into a closed classifier has not changed, so the output increase will also receive the classifier restrictions.

Change the conveying equipment, increase the transportation ability

Mill discharge original matching D350 hoist, design capacity of 42 meters of 3/, the actual use of capacity is not up to. After calculation, we designed the HL500 hoist hopper, using the chassis, transmission unchanged, only the tape wheel is turned into a chain wheel, chain tape for, on the lower shaft (shaft hole, constant wheel according to the original shaft hole size unchanged), will change as new raw material hopper hopper design, transmission and the lower end of the top cover made some small adjustments, less investment, quick effect, high efficiency.

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