Mechanism of sand production is inseparable from the sand making machine, sand making machine is an important equipment in the mechanism of sand production line. System sand machine equipment technology parameter is the key to judging the sand making machine handling capacity of the sand return amount is a technical parameters of sand making machine.

System sand machine sand return quantity and crushing equipment of the original amount of ore, and the overflow particle size is mutual support and mutual restriction. It can be said that the volume of sand return sand making equipment if suddenly increases to exceed the specified amount, will see the equipment drawing volume will also change, volume of ore caused by increased, or the change of water content decreased, resulting in low concentration to overflow.

The mechanism of sand is the foundation of modern building materials infrastructure indispensable, irreplaceable, sand making machine equipment is specifically for the production. Improve the sand making machine sand return volume too small mainly influence the productivity. Return fines ratio control in 300% ~ 500% between, namely sand making machine sand return quantity of raw ore feeding quantity is 3 ~ 5 times, the effect is better. Practice has proved that: in the total load at the same time, sand return hard ore sand return relatively soft ore than larger.

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