Mill series of major equipment includes Raymond mill, ultrafine mill, European coarse grinding, grinding ring medium speed

Ultrafine Mill

 Ultrafine mill combines the high-pressure and high-pressure grinding medium speed micro-grinding mill advantages, and developed a stable performance in the fine and ultra-fine powder grinding equipment, to make up for the high-pressure powder fineness of grind coarse and fine grinding equipment Model minor faults. The powder is ideal for large and medium mill equipment.

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill is a flour mill called Raymond, from the appearance of looking like an upright steel container with inlet, outlet, central parts of the inlet. Raymond is currently on the market performance of the most stable of traditional mill, now in the United States is still prevalent pulverized industrial processing. Mill for a variety of coal preparation, ore preparation.

European coarse grinding

An efficient European coarse grinding coarse grinding device is a combination meal processing sector demand design, a mixture of finished material for granular and dust filled, with a special screening at the same time get two fine sand and fine products. Meal at home and abroad in the field is irreplaceable and efficient processing of coarse mill equipment.

ring medium speed mill

This micro-grinding is mainly applied to medium and low hardness, Mohs hardness of less than six of the various non-explosive brittle materials. For the current development trend of domestic milling industry and market demand, professional users superfine powder processing and developed a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment.

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